Colorado Life Insurance offers consumers affordable life insurance quotes online. 510 life insurance companies are licensed to issue cheap life insurance policies in Colorado. They invest $70 billion of their assets in Colorado’s economy. 10 life insurers are domiciled in the state. 2 million people are covered by individual life insurance, and the average policy coverage is $170,000 per person. Colorado residents have $450 billion in death benefit coverage.

The amount of group life insurance coverage is $150 billion. The coverage amount of individual life insurance policies issued in 2008 in Colorado totaled $25 billion.

Colorado Life Insurance Regulations

Title 7 of the Code of Colorado regulates the insurance industry in Colorado. Consumers are given 30 days Grace Period to pay the premiums before the cheap life insurance policy will be terminated by the insurer. The insurance company shall pay the proceeds within 30 days of receiving proof of death.

Colorado Health Facts

Colorado ranks 12th out of 50 states in terms of life expectancy, the average life expectancy at birth is 78 years. The data was taken from the American Human Development Report (2008-2009). The total population in the states is 5 million people, and 16% of the are uninsured. The median annual income is $60,000. More information about state demographics, economy, health costs, and insurance coverage can be found at

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