Iowa Life Insurance offers quick, free and easy quote on your life insurance. 470 life insurers are licensed to issue affordable life insurance in the state of Iowa. 27 life insurers based in the state. The life insurance industry generates bout 25,000 jobs in Iowa. Approximately 2 million people in Iowa own million individual life insurance policies. The average amount of coverage is in the $90,000 range. Group life insurance policies amount to $60 billion. Policy dividends, death benefits paid to Iowa residents in 2008 in Iowa totaled $8 billion. About $30 billion of the investment made by life insurers in Iowa is in stocks and bonds. That help finance business development, job creation, and services in the state.

Iowa Life Insurance Regulations

Title 8th of the Iowa Insurance Code regulates the life insurance industry in the state. Under this code, consumers are protected by the “free look” provision which allows new policyholders to accept or decline their cheap life insurance policy within the first 10 days of coverage. All claims should be settled by life insurance companies within 30 days after the claim is made. The policy may be canceled by insurer if any false statements (e.g. misstatements of age) are made on the policy or application and discovered within the 2 years of its life.

Iowa Health Facts

The average life expectancy in Iowa is 78 years. The state ranks 8th out of 50 for life expectancy. The data was taken from the American Human Development Report (2008-2009). Approximately 3 million people live in the state of Iowa. 10% of the population is uninsured. The median annual income is $50,000. More information about state demographics, economy, health costs, and insurance coverage can be found at Find cheap life insurance quotes and save on your Iowa life insurance policy!

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