Nebraska Life Insurance

Compare up to 10 cheap life insurance quotes at Life insurers invest $23 billion of their assets in Nebraska’s economy and employ approximately 10,000 people in Nebraska. 512 life insurance companies have a license to sell life insurance products in Nebraska. 30 life insurers are domiciled in the state. Get cheapest term life insurance quote online.

There’s approximately 1 million individual life insurance policy holders in the state, with $170 billion in death benefit coverage. Group life insurance coverage totals $60 billion. In 2008, $2 billion was paid to Nebraska residents in annuities, death benefits and dividends.

Nebraska Life Insurance Regulations

Chapter 44 of the Nebraska Statutes oversees claims procedures and policy requirements. Life insurance companies can cancel a policy if they discover a consumer misrepresentation on an application. No claims will be honored in this case. Life insurers will recalculate the benefits if a misstatement of policyholder age is discovered.

Consumers are protected by the 10-day “free look” provision and a 30-day grace period on late payments. No policy can be canceled within this 30 day grace period. All claims must be settled by life insurers within 2 months of receiving proof of death.

Nebraska Health Facts

The life expectancy at birth in Nebraska is 77 years. The state ranks 16 our of 50 for lie expectancy. The data was taken from the American Human Development Report (2008-2009).

Approximately 1,800 people life in Nebraska. 18% of the population is uninsured. The median annual income is $50,000. More information about state demographics, economy, health costs, and insurance coverage can be found at

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