North Carolina Life Insurance offers cheap life insurance quotes from up to 10 providers in your state. There are 451 licensed life insurance companies in North Carolina. The life insurers invest approximately $100 billion of their assets in the state’s economy and employ approximately 17,000 people in North Carolina. There are 6 million individual life insurance policy holders who have $720 billion in death benefit coverage. The average coverage amount is $77,000 per person. As far as group life insurance coverage, the total amount is $240 billion. In 2008, for instance, the coverage purchased in North Carolina was worth of $50 billion. North Carolina residents we paid $10 billion in policy dividends, annuities, and other payments.

North Carolina Life Insurance Regulations

Chapter 58 of the North Carolina General Statutes contains statutes which outline claims procedures and policy requirements in the state. Under the 10-day “free look” provision (30 days with some carriers), all state residents can choose to accept or decline the coverage during this trial period. Find low cost term life insurance quotes online!

All consumers have a 30-day grace period on late premium payments. All North Carolina life insurers must settle claims within 1 month of the insurer’s receipt of necessary documentation. Your policy may be canceled by a life insurance company if any misstatements are found on the application. If suicide is the cause of death, North Carolina insurers are exempt from having to honor claims made.

North Carolina Health Facts

The state ranks 40th out of 50 for life expectancy. The life expectancy is 75 years old. The main causes of death are stroke and heart disease. The data was taken from the American Human Development Report (2008-2009)

Over 9.2 million people live in NC, and 17% of the population is uninsured. Thee median annual income is $43,000. More information about state demographics, economy, health costs, and insurance coverage can be found at will help you find and compare low cost term life insurance quotes from top 5 carriers in your state. Get started now at!

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